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So many possibilities and so little time.
The web offers products and services that would go beyond the scope of any website. We will show you what we are most often asked for.

Search Engine Advertising

We create tailor-made advertising ads on the basis of keyword and competitor research. This involves the use of targeting measures within the search engines. With SEA, you can reach customers on every level of the funnel.

Social Media Advertising

As a direct channel or only suitable for remarketing. We see various possibilities, starting with Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat, to reach out on users at low CPM.

Display Advertising

HTML5 or even 360 Video-integrations, we produce animated banners according to prescribed standards for our campaigns. Due to increasing competition within the search engines, customized image content on suitable websites is becoming more and more important.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic gives you the chance to reach clients across devices, platforms and several ad formats. We set up campaigns either on private- or preferred deals and of course also in the open market. Therefore, we are using several DSP to benefit from the strengths of each one.

Video Advertising

Through our in-house resource or through our partners, we produce any video format required for moving image campaigns, making activity possible in any channel.

LinkedIn Advertising

The professional network also offers a variety of targeting opportunities in the German-speaking world. Besides profession and interests, even positions can be addressed directly and linked to Bing.

Native Advertising

When we talk about excellence in form and function, we talk about native ads. Native ad unit harmoniously blends with the rest of a website’s content. They are most common in every prospecting or retargeting campaign.

Media Buying

Besides to our advertising services, we also offer our clients to book their media with our partners, that consist of hundreds of publishers within DACH-area.


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Analysis of the company

Before we dedicate ourselves to the marketing mix, we try to understand the business model of the entrepreneur and which processes have to work together. The more detailed, the better marketing can be aligned with internal processes.


Buyer Personas and target groups

Once we have gained an impression of the company, we want to understand who the ideal customer is and what are the characteristics that characterise him. Only then is it possible for us to define ideal target groups for the campaign.


Market, competition and potential analysis

By means of these analyses, we assess the positioning in the market and vis-à-vis the competition and then carry out a general evaluation of success with regard to the region and potential customers.


Planning and conception

After all information has been gathered, the channels are evaluated and the objectives of the sub-campaigns are defined. For this purpose, a budget recommendation is also made and the planned media budget is allocated to the various marketing measures.


Implementation and operative support

If the planning is in line with the common objective, the individual measures are implemented and the corresponding measurements are taken. Operational support and monitoring is also provided for this purpose.


Monitoring and optimization

Online campaigns are highly dependent on the interpretation of data. It may take some time before a sufficient amount of data is collected. During this time, the key figures are already being monitored and optimized as best as possible.


"For successful campaigns, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Online marketing can do a lot but not everything - we accompany and implement the right measures."

- Sophie Scharl, BA

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